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Sealing - Protection - Filtration

ISOPARTNER Netherlands is your insulation specialist with a very complete range of insulation solutions, focused on added value through production, knowledge and advice. More and more it turns out that an insulation solution must also have a good sealing or protective function. The basic materials from which these solutions are made are often the same as for thermal and acoustic insulation. The latter certainly also applies to the filtration solutions we can offer. Specific solutions within Sealing, Protection or Filtration thus complement our range of thermal, fireproof and acoustic insulation solutions. ISOPARTNER Netherlands can provide customized solutions for the most diverse insulation applications. This can be done in many ways, but especially by adapting products for a specific market or ensuring that a product is easy to apply and fits perfectly.

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Technical foams for sealing

We offer a wide range of engineering foams for sealing elements in buildings, installation passages, linear joints, connections between components, et al. to ensure maximum performance of equipment and spaces.


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All forms of protection

We select the best materials and offer solutions to protect objects from the shocks that can occur during transportation. Our customizable Flexiprot plates help protect transit areas in parking garages to prevent damage to vehicles or bodywork.


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Filtration by polyester filter foams

Particle contamination can be prevented by using high-quality filter material. ISOPARTNER Netherlands offers polyester polyurethane filter foams with different filtration ranges for application in industrial carbon and chemical filters.


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