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Passive fire protection (PFP)

Passive fire Protection, one of our areas of expertise

Fire-resistant applications for construction are called Passive Fire protection , but passive fire protection also occurs in industry, shipbuilding, OEM, appliance construction and technical installations. All information and our range of fireproof products for applications other than construction can be found on this page about fireproof insulation.

ISOPARTNER Netherlands has become an expert in the field of Passive Fire Protection (PFP), including solutions for fire-safe wall and floor penetrations. We can also advise you on the correct installation of (fire-resistant) insulation systems.

ISOPARTNER Netherlands is the exclusive distributor of the Oryx Passive Fire Protection range. In addition, ISOPARTNER Netherlands also distributes the Passive Fire protection range of Hensel GmbH, Mulcol International, Air Fire Tech GmbH, Systemair BV, Zapp Zimmermann and Promat BV.

ISOPARTNER Netherlands is also pleased to present FIRELOG®, the fire resistant documentation application. Using FIRELOG® software, every installer can now digitally, quickly and easily register all fire resistant seals in a building per project. Read more about FIRELOG, fire resistant documentation application


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FIRELOG® your digital logbook for recording all fire seals


FIRELOG® Digital Logbook

The FIRELOG® software was custom developed for installers as well as building managers and owners. In the FIRELOG® application, all fire resistant seals in a building are digitally recorded and kept up to date. Using the new FIRELOG® software, you simply register all fire seals.

At the touch of a button, you can download all your registrations with accompanying documentation, photos, test reports, etc. per building plan into one fully-fledged document / logbook in just a few seconds. This will save you a considerable amount of time and research both on site, at the administration department and also upon delivery and handover to the client. Request a free test account via

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What is Passive Fire Protection (PFP) or Passive Fire Protection?

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) or Passive Fire Protection or also Passive Fire protection is based on protecting the load-bearing structure and compartmentalising buildings to enable safe evacuation of occupants and safe access for firefighters. Fireproof insulation combined with passive fire protection products is a key pillar as part of building fire safety.

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Fire-resistant penetrations

ISOPARTNER Netherlands offers the widest range for the realisation of fire-resistant penetrations. Prevent fire from spreading from one room to another via cables or pipes and use intumescent coatings, fire-resistant sealing kits, cuffs, strips or other solutions.

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Protection of supporting structures

Solutions for fire protection of supporting structures in steel, concrete and wood are also part of our extensive range. We offer coatings and boards for cladding structures.

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PFP, Fire-resistant compartmentation

Nowadays, when building large residential projects, sports centres, cultural centres, shopping centres and industrial sites, very strict fire safety requirements are rightly imposed. One of the foundations of passive fire protection is compartmentalisation. If fate does strike and a fire starts, it must be prevented at all times that the seat of the fire spreads further or that smoke creates victims elsewhere in the building. To limit the spread of fire and smoke in a building, it is necessary to compartmentalise: i.e. divide the space into different volumes to confine the fire to a particular area, allowing time for necessary evacuation.

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Fire protection of air and smoke extraction ducts

ISOPARTNER Netherlands also offers solutions for fire-resistant protection of air and smoke extraction ducts. In our web shop you will find all information on our insulation boards, fire dampers and insulation shells.

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