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Insulation solutions for construction

Within construction, insulation is of great importance. In the field of acoustics, one can think of industrial insulation to reduce high noise levels at machinery or sound insulating material to reduce airborne and impact noise. For thermal or heat insulation, the main reasons are energy savings and personal protection.

Western Europe and certainly the Netherlands are becoming more densely populated. This increase in population is creating more and more challenges in terms of thermal, fire, noise and vibration insulation issues. At the same time, modern citizens are making ever greater demands on living and living comfort. ISOPARTNER responds to this with the production and supply of insulation materials for buildings composed of a combination of various insulation solutions.

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An ideal application for every construction project with sonimass

Pipes can cause a lot of nuisance in buildings. For sound insulation of sewer pipes, rainwater drains, ventilation ducts and heating systems, for example, ISOPARTNER has several solutions. The most important of these are Sonimass and Sonotube. 

Sonimass is very similar in function and construction to SonoTube, but has a different shape. It consists of a layer of polyether foam, a plastic mass mat and an aluminum foil finish. The vapor inhibiting layer of Sonimass prevents condensation, making this insulation product suitable for cold temperatures in addition to its acoustic effect. Sonimass can be used on both curved and straight surfaces. Bends and fitting pieces are also available on request.

Vibration damping in construction

In densely populated areas, homes are increasingly close to rail lines, streetcar lines, subway lines and industrial buildings. Train passengers and also residents living near railroad lines want as little nuisance as possible from noise and vibrations. If precautions are not taken, vibrations can be annoying and cause nuisance.

ISOPARTNER provides all possible vibration damping solutions to be applied in the building or between building and ground. Our solutions are developed for damping vibrations from industrial buildings and machinery as well as for reducing nuisance from streetcars, subways and high-speed trains. The solutions range from partial building isolation to a complete vibration isolating erected building. Through specialized calculation and simulation programs, calculations are made to arrive at the right damping materials. But also the practical feasibility is considered. 

Isopartner can offer the following vibration damping solutions and systems: 

  • Vibrafon P
  • Vibrafon MP
  • Vibrafon ST
  • Vibrafon FS
  • Vibrafon FF

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In theaters, cinemas, pop stages, discotheques and multi-purpose buildings, acoustics play a very important role. The quality of the concert or performance is lost with poor sound quality. But also a poor indoor climate due to a much too high temperature, for example, can negatively affect people's experience. The right acoustic and thermal insulation systems help optimize sound and temperature and ensure the perfect concert or performance.

Our Sylomer solutions are very suitable for suspension setups due to its elastic properties. 

Acoustics in the music industry

Nowhere do acoustics play as important a role as within music studios. ISOPARTNER has specific products for optimal wall , floor and ceiling absorption for additional insulation. We also specialize in building box in box constructions for studios. The studio then stands completely on vibration damping insulation and is decoupled from the main building of which it is a part. This gives the most ultimate form of sound insulation.



Hygiene and solutions in sensitive environments

In addition to the acoustic aspect, hygiene certainly plays a prominent role in numerous buildings and clean rooms. Think of healthcare, hospitals, doctors' offices, but also the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. ISOPARTNER Netherlands is happy to think along with you when it comes to acoustic and hygiene solutions. We have developed very high-quality and certified acoustic insulation systems and products, which meet the highest hygiene requirements and offer solutions in the most sensitive environments.

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Interior and finishing

Spaces in buildings can be used for highly diverse objectives. Examples of this can be office spaces, meeting rooms, classrooms, canteens, restaurants, production spaces, etc. All of these spaces have their own, optimal acoustic properties, whereby too much or too little reverberation has a lot of influence on, for instance, the comprehensibility of speech, comfort or productivity. ATIS can deliver a broad range of solutions and products for this.

Completed Projects


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