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Calculation programs

Calculation programs for calculating insulation requirements for heating/cooling and fire insulation

Using our suppliers' calculation software here, you can easily calculate the insulation thickness required to minimize energy loss from both hot and cold liquid-filled pipes and in containers and ventilation ducts, for example. You can also calculate surface temperatures, prevent condensation and freezing of stationary media and more.

Rockwool Rockassist

The Rockwool technical calculation program
Click here for "Rockassist" the technical calculation program from Rockwool. Rockwool Rockassist is a unique calculation program for calculating heat loss, energy costs and CO2 emissions.

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Armawin Armacell

Armacell ArmaWin

ArmaWin - Insulation thickness calculator from Armacell
The most important task of cold insulation is to prevent condensation. In addition to material and processing quality, the correct dimensioning of the insulation thickness is decisive to prevent condensation processes permanently and also under critical conditions.

When calculating insulation thickness, not only the medium and ambient temperature and relative humidity must be taken into account, but also the thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient of the insulation and the object to be insulated (pipe/pipe, etc.). Calculations can be significantly simplified using Armacell's new ArmaWin program.

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ISOVER has designed an advanced thermal calculation tool to help industrial planners, specifiers and insulation contractors.

For personal safety, process reliability and energy efficiency in Industrial, HVAC and Marine applications
TechCalc 2.0 is an easy-to-use, reliable and efficient tool for all types of thermal calculations in technical insulation-related applications, such as HVAC pipes and ducts, industrial process equipment or even marine and offshore installations.

With TechCalc 2.0, you can design installations that are economically and environmentally optimal by calculating, for example, operational costs, CO² savings, insulation depreciation, and economic thickness calculations.

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FIRELOG® your digital logbook for recording all fire seals

The FIRELOG® software was custom developed for building managers as well as installers and owners. All fire resistant seals in a building are digitally recorded and kept up to date in the FIRELOG® application. With this software you register all fire resistant seals quickly and efficiently 

In a few seconds, or at the click of a button, you can download all registrations with accompanying photographs, test reports, accompanying documentation, etc. per building plan in one complete document / logbook. This application saves you considerable time and research work. Request a free test account via

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TraceCalc Pro

TraceCalc Pro is a Window's desktop heat-tracing design software that guides you step-by-step through the design of your next project. 

This software gives you access to system design data such as: 

  • Heat loss from piping 
  • Circuits 
  • Electrical loads 
  • Jacket temperatures 
  • And more 

Once your design is complete, you will receive a full report to make the ordering and purchasing process simple and straightforward. 

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TraceCalc Pro for buildings

Create exceptional heat-tracing designs for your building. 

TraceCalc Pro is a Window's desktop heat-tracing design software that guides you step-by-step through the design of your next project, including: 

  • Frost protection systems for piping 
  • Frost protection systems for sprinkler systems 
  • Flow control systems for oily waste pipes 
  • Flow protection systems for fuel lines 
  • This advanced tool allows you to create a design project that can include multiple applications, multiple circuits and multiple pipe segments with different design parameters on a single circuit.

When your design is complete, you will receive a full report to make the ordering and procurement process simple and straightforward. You can also save projects for future use. 

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Thermaflex insulation calculator

This calculator will help you determine the required insulation thickness or your energy and financial savings for heating or cooling applications.
Easy to use and ready in 2 minutes!

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