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ISOPARTNER goes beyond producing and delivering materials. We are also able to supervise projects from A to Z. Thus we offer the ideal solution and support for your insulation projects. If desired with a guarantee on the final result to be achieved!

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sonodamp omkasting akoestische isolatie ISOPARTNER Nederland

Sonodamp enclosure in Ophemert

A combined setup of a heat pump and several outdoor air conditioning units caused noise nuisance for adjacent homes.

Geluidshinder Sonodamp geluidsschermen Hotel Mondragon

Sonodamp noise barriers for Hotel Mondragon in Zierikzee

ISOPARTNER Netherlands realized the necessary noise-reducing acoustic screens around 3 air treatment installations on the roof.


Reverberation solved at a production company in Nieuwegein

A production company in Nieuwegein was troubled by reverberation.

Ruimteakoestiek_akoestisch_wandpaneel_vormen sonosorber sonobaffle atis kinderopvang

Acoustic figures, perfect match for nursery Hanna Holman

A nursery struggles with noise pollution.


Acoustic screen for heat pump in Bavel

Noise reduction for noise pollution caused by a heat pump.

Geluid ponsnibbelautomaat_isolatie_realisatie

Noise punch-nibbling machine to be curbed

In a production area, the sound of a machine may be above all other machine noise.


Acoustic solutions for meat processing companies

Noise reduction of cooling units on the roof of a meat processor.


Sonodamp acoustic screen in a dairy factory

Different requirements apply in food environments than in normal industrial situations. However, ISOPRATNER Nederland has extensive experience with this and therefore knew what to look out for when a cheese factory came forward with an acoustic problem in production.


Prevention of sound pollution in Pathé theatre

ISOPARTNER provided acoustic overlays for the grandstand sections of the newly built Pathé theater in Arnhem for Volker Wessels in Rijssen.


Ceiling islands in industrial halls

During hammering and grinding operations in the production areas, all employees experienced disturbance due to reverberation.


Sonodamp Solutions in Moti Museum Breda

An air handling system near residential facades is asking for trouble.

panelen_de natuur is niet alleen buiten

Nature is not only outdoors

A former bathhouse (from 1900) has been converted into a meeting venue. The high ceilings create a long reverberation time and noise pollution on the other rooms.


Echo reduction on the work floor of Nedtrain

Noise caused by impact tools and machining operations in high halls at Nedtrain, leads to considerable reverberation.


Sonodamp acoustic screen around condensers

A battery of condensers set up next to the factory hall produced a noise level of over 80 dB(A). At the nearby residence, this caused an exceeding of the legal maximum noise levels as laid down in the VLAREM legislation.


Covered heat pumps on top of housing & health care centre in Ruinen

Two heat pumps on the roof of Residential and Care Center in Ruinen caused noise pollution.


Acoustic screen in Koudekerke

Last summer, we were able to install a prefabricated sound barrier to reduce noise from three large heat pumps.


Sonodamp acoustic screen at the Floridalaan in IJsselstein

Residents in IJsselstein were inconvenienced by the air treatment system on the roof of a shared commercial building at Floridalaan 8.