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High-temperature insulation

High temperature insulation solutions by ISOPARTNER Netherlands

For the high-temperature insulation of pipelines, containers, fittings, air ducts and various plant components, we offer a variety of materials precisely tailored to the respective application. Chemical and petrochemical companies, on- and offshore, use numerous critical thermal installations. To maintain and improve the reliability, efficiency and availability of these installations, Isopartner Netherlands has a full range of specialised heat-resistant products and systems. They help you achieve energy efficiency, save costs and ensure safety and fire resistance. Most of our products are available from stock and can be machined according to your specific needs in our in-house production.

ISOPARTNER Netherlands works closely with renowned manufacturers such as Rockwool, Paroc, Unifrax, Isover, Morgan Ceramics and others in this segment.

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Temperature range up to 650°C:

Especially at higher temperatures, a lot of energy can be lost and protecting people becomes very important. Up to a temperature of 650 °C, it is still possible to work with Stone wool or Ultimate products. The fibres in these products have a melting temperature of over 1,000 degrees. 

Pipes, containers and all the various system components require professional insulation, naturally tailored to the medium. Optimal thermal insulation ensures that the media transported in the system components are transported at the desired temperature and arrive at the consumer with as little loss as possible.

 We offer the right products and solutions for optimum, project-specific thermal insulation. 
We work with all renowned manufacturers such as ISOVER, KNAUF Insulation, PAROC and ROCKWOOL. 


Insulation materials for over 650°C to 1600°C

At these temperatures, traditional insulation materials, such as stone wool, lose their efficiency and insulation products based on Alkaline Earth Silicate Fibre (AES) or Alkaline Earth Silicate (AAS) are often a better solution. ISOPARTNER Netherlands supplies Firemaster, Insulfrax and Superwool products for these applications.

ISOPARTNER Netherlands can supply not only standard products made of temperature-resistant materials, but also special products in all desired variations, such as custom-made mats or sheets according to customer requirements. In this segment, we work with our partners Insulcon, Unifrax and Morgan Ceramics.


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