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Heat tracing or electrical tracing

If insulation around pipes or tanks is not sufficient to keep them frost-free or to achieve/maintain the desired production temperature, we may choose to use tracing. This involves placing heating around the pipe or tank. In tracing, a heated cable is placed around or against pipes to thermally influence them. Therefore, tracing can have two different functions: keeping the pipe frost-free or keeping the pipe at a certain temperature continuously. In this process, heating cables around pipes are maintained and monitored at a certain temperature using a thermostat. Tracing in combination with insulation is the most efficient solution. Here we take into account the dimensions of the pipes, ambient temperatures and desired temperatures, among other factors.

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Why is tracing important ?

The biggest advantage of electrical tracing is about proactivity. Pipelines for liquids are sensitive to temperature fluctuations or freezing. For example, consider an overhead pipe for water, when exposed to frost, the pipe can freeze and flow stops. Freezing pipes, in turn, can cause cracks and leaks. With other piping, for example, it is important that the temperature remains constant, a change in temperature can worsen the, for example, efficiency of a process. Feel free to contact us for more information on tracing.

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