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Medical sector / Food industry

Insulation material for the medical sector and food industry

Within the medical sector, the issue of acoustics and hygiene is an important aspect, as it is in the food industry. People's health and well-being is at the heart of the matter. Combating noise pollution is often more complex than in other industries because of the hygiene aspect.

ISOPARTNER Netherlands has developed both wall and ceiling panels that are not only sound absorbing, but also hygienic and the full pallet of solutions meets the highest requirements, the HACCP standard (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). 

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Insulation solutions for hygienic areas

For the medical sector, we manufacture and supply unique and sound-absorbing products such as acoustic absorbers, acoustic ceiling elements, hygienic ceilings and baffles.

Our ISOLECO clean room panels are impermeable and resistant to fungi, bacteria and viruses. These panels are resistant to daily disinfection and cleaning with chemicals, fire retardant, impervious to moisture and decorative.

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Insulation material for the food industry

The food and beverage industry very often uses hard ceilings, floors and walls in production areas. This causes reverberation. Noise control is complex due to the specific requirements of the HACCP standard. ISOPARTER Nederland produces SonoClean and Isoleco ceiling and wall panels, which are ideal for production environments in the food industry.

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Projects in the medical and food industries

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