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Together we ensure a pleasant Room Acoustics

Improve your room acoustics

Under room acoustics we understand the influence that a space has, both on the sound and the reverberation of that sound. Such factors as form, dimensions, used construction materials and the plasterwork, have an influence on the acoustics of a space.

Reducing reverberation

Reverberations come into existence when the produced sound does not only directly (as direct sound) reach the receiver, but also as echoes (indirect sound). A space becomes very noisy through such echoes, and the source of the noise cannot be located easily. By increasing the sound-absorbing capacity of the space, the acoustic reverberation can be decreased. The room acoustics can be mapped on the basis of measurements and calculations. An optimal solution can then be defined, in comparison to the desired room acoustics. 

In the technological area of spatial acoustics, there is a lack of legal standards to which spaces have to conform. Guidelines have been set up, amongst others by the Dutch Ministry of Housing and Construction (RGD), or within certain industrial sectors/professional groups. In addition, ATIS has extensive experience in solving room acoustic problems, in offices, classrooms, gym halls, kindergartens, restaurants, cafés and music schools, studios, public buildings and production spaces in industrial sectors.

Our solutions to improve room acoustics


Acoustic ceiling panels

Akoestische wandpanelen

Acoustic wall panels

Akoestische fotopanelen

Acoustic photo panel

Akoestische baffles_sonobaffle

Acoustic baffle


Acoustic desk partitions


Acoustic room dividers


All acoustic products and components


Hygienic room acoustics

We go one step further in reducing noise nuisance in hygienic areas. Reducing annoying noise in hygienic areas requires specific solutions. ISOPARTNER produces and supplies unique sound-absorbing products for this application.

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Measuring noise

ISOPARTNER goes beyond producing and supplying acoustic materials to help you with your room acoustics. What is disruptive and harmful to one person is acceptable to others. We can provide noise measurements for you with our own measuring equipment. In many cases we do this as part of a total project. But if desired, we can also offer the noise measurement as a separate service. This will give you a good insight and we can quickly help you solve your noise problem.

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