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Acoustic screens

Sonodamp noise barriers, the ideal solution

Your company's plant and machinery can cause a lot of noise pollution. You would like to protect the health of your personnel and local residents. In addition, regulations such as the Environmental Management Act and occupational health and safety legislation play a role. You can counteract the worst nuisance by installing a SONODAMP acoustic screen. Among other things, such a soundproof wall is a good alternative when, for example, a solution such as our SONODAMP sound enclosure is not possible or desirable. These sound barriers are suitable, among other things, for the sound insulation of an air treatment plant, chiller, heat pump, CHP plant, fan, compressor, air conditioner etc. In addition, we have specific SONODAMP sound barriers for industrial environments, Sonodamp sound insulating door, Sonodamp sound insulating window and possible integrated ventilation. 

Also suffering from noise pollution from machinery or installations? Contact us! We come to your site for expert advice or a noise measurement, without any obligation.

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geluidsscherm sonodamp

Sonodamp acoustic screens, always the ideal solution

All our screens can be made for indoor and outdoor applications, for placement close to the sound source but also at a distance as a partition wall or site shield. They can be combined with sound-insulating doors and windows, grilles, dampers etc. such as Sonodamp sound-insulating door, Sonodamp sound-insulating window and integrated ventilation. Assembly is easy and fast thanks to the convenient coupling system. We can calculate and customize the best solution for every project. Installation and noise measurement afterwards? You can also rely on us for that. Need more information? Or would you like a tailor-made offer?

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Why choose ISOPARTNER Netherlands noise screens?

You can come to us for the purchase of individual Sonodamp panels up to a TURN-KEY solution such as a complete noise barrier including steel construction, wind load calculations, drawing work, acoustic research, noise measurements and assembly. This makes us the ideal partner for large or smaller noise barriers. ISOPARTNER Netherlands is solution-oriented and distinguishes itself by delivering the perfect advice and product with a lot of acoustic knowledge.

Some of the things that set us apart from others:

  • on-site noise measurement, follow-up, monitoring noise measurement.
  • acoustic research, advice and reporting
  • construction and wind load calculations, drawings
  • delivery with or without steel construction
  • assembly

Finishing options for SONODAMP noise barriers

We supply noise barriers in various materials: sendzimir galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel. It is possible to choose a RAL color. We stock the most popular colors such as RAL 9002 and RAL 7016.

Are you looking for a specific finish?  Contact us and together we will find the perfect solution.


The strength of SONODAMP

  • high sound insulation (Rw = 34 dB)
  • high sound absorption (╬▒w = 0.95)
  • suitable for long and high noise barriers
  • excellent fire protection properties
  • weather-resistant coating
  • simple mounting system
  • available in 19 colors

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SONODAMP Industrial panel, sound barrier for industrial environments

Especially for industrial environments, ISOPARTNER Netherlands has developed the Sonodamp Industrial Panel. Sound waves falling onto this panel are largely absorbed; as a result, only a slight increase in noise occurs on the source side. Easy to connect together. A panel can be supplied in stainless steel, aluminum and in color. We offer a range of panels in standard sizes but customized panels are also available.

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What is a noise screen?

This is a sound insulating wall that can be used to shield cooling systems, (heat) pumps, fans, compressors, transformers or grounds, among other things.

How does a noise screen work?

The panels of our noise barriers absorb and insulate sound.

What types of noise screens are there?

In addition to our Sonodamp Sandwich Panels, ISOPARTNER Netherlands has Sonodamp Industrial Panels especially for industrial use.

What are the benefits of a noise barrier?

With a noise screen, you can protect the health of your employees and nearby residents and reduce noise pollution. In addition, reducing noise can increase employee productivity in an industrial environment.

Are you unsure whether the nuisance exceeds the noise standard according to the Environmental Management Act or occupational health and safety legislation?

ISOPARTNER Netherlands offers no-obligation advice and noise measurement with its own measuring equipment. This can be done as part of a total project and is the basis of advice If desired, we can also offer noise measurement as a separate service.

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Some realizations with SONODAMP acoustic screens


Acoustic screen for heat pump in Bavel


Sonodamp acoustic screen at the Floridalaan in Ijsselstein


Acoustic screen in Koudekerke


Sonodamp acoustic screen around condensers

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Office acoustic screen

Are you looking for sound barriers for privacy and/or sound absorption in an office or call center environment? Then we would like to refer to our acoustic room divider SonoSorber SC.

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